DNA may solve the Zodiac Killer case once and for all

The Zodiac killer has eluded detectives for more than 50 years. The Zodiac began his reign of terror in the 60’s and then abruptly stopped in the 70’s. Is he dead? Or is he alive? Who knows! But we may be one step closer to finding out, as DNA technology may help us.

The Zodiac was infamous for their cryptic and strange letters; taunting police the whole time. In the letters, from the first to the last, he claimed to have been responsible for 37 murders. It is possible that he was boasting, and lying, to enhance the enigma of him. Serial killers are twisted, so that is not out of the realm of possibilities.

There have been suspects, but no conclusive evidence to hold them or say with any kind of certainty that they were the Zodiac. The case has long since gone cold. Until now, that is, or at least possibly.

In October of 1966, a young college woman named Cheri Jo Bates was stabbed while leaving the library at her school, Riverside Community College, in Riverside, California. The Zodiac Killer took credit for this heinous crime. Now, more than 50 years later, her pants might be the key to solving the Zodiac case once and for all.

Cheri Jo Bates

Ken Maines, a cold case detective and former FBI agent, discovered bloody hand prints on the bottom of Bates’ pants. He said “we have touch DNA from those hand prints.”

Together, with a former LAPD detective, and computer science professor and code breaker, Maines hopes to solve the decades old question: who is the Zodiac Killer?

The team has focused on two suspects for now: Ross Sullivan and Lawrence Kane, of which both are dead now. Both Sullivan and Kane were known to police at the time of the Bates murder.

Ross Sullivan on left, police sketch in middle, Lawrence Kane on right, via Fox News




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